Halloween ups and downs

This year’s Halloween was the best and the worst. Let’s save the best for last. So the first question is, “How many trick-or-treaters did we get this year?” For perspective, we need to know that Barbara and I just happened to go out for dinner on Halloween in both 2008 and 2007, so we weren’t at home for visitors (cough, cough). But in 2006 we got over 200 trick-or-treaters. So we loaded up on lots of candy for this year, just in case.

End result? 37.

What a disappointment. I guess I’ll have to dream up lots of class activities for which candy will be a suitable prize.

Now onto the plus side. At Weston High School this year’s Halloween Assembly was definitely the best ever — at least for my 13 years there. The level of enthusiasm was extremely high, as was the participation rate. Last year, for example, I don’t think more than 10% of the freshmen dressed up, but it seemed that about 50% of this year’s freshmen were in costume. There was similarly high participation among the sophomores, juniors, and seniors, as well as the faculty. Here are some pictures.

As you see, my colleague, Jim McLaughin, dressed as Rock — part of the Rock, Paper, Scissors trio, of course:


But the highlights of the assembly were three groups of students. One pair came as two bunches of grapes, one as the Village People, and one as Kiss. While the Village People stole the show with their rousing performance of YMCA, the grand prize went to Kiss.

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