How nice to see a website that actually recognizes Dorchester as a neighborhood of Boston! Povo not only lists it prominently, but its description is an accurate portrayal of Dorchester’s many virtues:

Dorchester is the largest geographic and most populated neighborhood in the city of Boston. Home to Dot Ave., it is also Boston’s most diverse neighborhood, with large pockets of African Americans, Irish, Vietnamese, Caribbean, and South and Central American residents. In recent years, the neighborhood has seen an influx of young working professionals, working artists (in areas like Lower Mills, Peabody Square, and Savin Hill), and a growing GLBT community along Dorchester Avenue, while it’s still predominantly a working class neighborhood and a thriving center of immigration. The neighborhood also includes vast economic diversity. Housing varies incredibly from housing projects in places like Bowdoin/Geneva and Franklin Field to stately Victorian homes in places like Ashmont Hill and Melville Park.

Contrast this paragraph with the usual treatment. Other websites almost always do one of the following:

  • They ignore Dorchester completely, because they think it has little to offer out-of-towners. For example, here’s Fodor’s list of “Places to explore” in Boston:
  • Alternatively, they notice nothing about Dorchester except for its crime, which is so well publicized by the media. For example, here’s a sentence from a movie review written halfway across the country, in Madison, Wisconsin:

    The Dorchester neighborhood is a tough one, mostly lower working class, dotted with slummy bars where drug-related shootings are a regular occurrence.

So check out Povo for the straight scoop with a positive POV that’s not written by the real-estate industry.

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