Polite patrons and diversity in Dorchester

What do you do if you’re at a restaurant and there’s a celebrity at the next table? I’m told that Europeans ignore celebrities and let them enjoy their privacy, but Americans all too often have to say hello, get an autograph, and so forth. I’ve written several times before about the Ashmont Grill — see my posts of 12/31/06, 7/19/08, and 12/23/08, for instance — and that’s where Barbara and I saw Governor Deval Patrick and his wife sitting at the next table yesterday along with two other couples. Fortunately, the other patrons in the restaurant were all polite and paid no attention. No one came over for an autograph, no one came over to complain about taxes or the Mass Pike, and I even resisted taking advantage of this opportunity to lobby for Metco.

Incidentally, even before spotting the governor, I realized something unusual about the clientele at the Ashmont Grill these days. Although Dorchester is racially very diverse, that has not usually been the case with its restaurants. Typically customers at any given restaurant are either 95–100% white or 95–100% black. It’s not exactly segregation, but it’s painfully close to that. But the Ashmont Grill is cheerfully mixed. I didn’t do a headcount, but it was very clear that the black/white ratio was somewhere between 1:4 and 1:2, a much healthier balance than I usually see.

Speaking of which, go to A Taste of Dorchester on April 30! The mixture of restaurants at that event will certainly guarantee a diverse crowd.

Chalk up another plus or two for Dorchester.

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