Two truths and a lie

Your task, of course, is to figure out which of the three is the lie.

Yesterday, you see, was a special occasion. (No, not my birthday. And that’s no lie.) As a result, Barbara and I decided to indulge in dining out for all three meals! Sweet Life for breakfast, Chau Chow for lunch, Tavolo for dinner. Everything was delicious, as it should be for a special occasion. That isn’t the lie either.

You’ll want to know what we had for all three meals: eggs benedict; hot and sour soup; har gow; shumai; beef teriyaki; taro stuffed with shrimp; kale Caesar salad; seared tuna salad (seared but almost raw tuna with mixed greens, poached tomatoes, red onions, Calabrian chili oil, lemon vinaigrette); carbonara (house-made chitarra with pancetta, romano, egg, and parsley); and grilled 10-ounce ribeye steak (with smashed fingerling potatoes, broccolini, balsamic-braised cipollini onions, and red wine demiglace). Half for me, half for Barbara. No room for dessert (how surprising), but two slices of flourless chocolate cake to take home.

Maybe the photos will help you figure out where the lie was:

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