Food & Restaurants

Dinner at The Bowery

Barbara and I had dinner last night on the beautiful patio of The Bowery in Lower Mills. Lobster roll with gigantic tater tots for her, properly cooked (i.e. rare, as ordered) steakhouse burger with side salad for me. Good food… Read More ›

Too hot to cook!

Yes, I know. Going out to eat twice in one week is decadent. But it’s just so hot. Definitely too hot to cook. So we went to our usual favorite, the Ashmont Grill. Barbara started with what used to be… Read More ›


Too hot to cook last night! So we just had to go out to eat at Tavolo. It was quite a sacrifice, but someone had to do it. Unfortunately, they were understaffed. Poor Chris was the only server! But he… Read More ›

224 again (does that make 448?)

A delicious dinner last night in an outside umbrella’d booth at 224 Boston Street. Barbara started with kung pao calamari, followed by a southwest salad. I started with pork dumplings, followed by a pan-seared duck breast with roasted carrot purée,… Read More ›

Don’t be misled by the name.

The Neponset Cafe is a small Japanese restaurant in Dorchester that primarily features ramen, despite the restaurant’s name—which comes from its location on Neponset Avenue, right next to Neponset Circle. (Don’t confuse it with a very different Neponset Cafe across… Read More ›

Revisiting Brasserie

In honor of Star Wars Day, Barbara and I returned to Brasserie for our third visit yesterday. OK, I lied. It wasn’t really for Star Wars Day (but still: May the Fourth be with you). It was for another holiday… Read More ›