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Tavolo Take-out Treat

Anticipating today’s snowstorm, Barbara and I just had to treat ourselves to a take-out banquet from Tavolo last night. (We blame Tara for it, since she had posted a tempting menu excerpt on FB.) Here’s what we had (pix below):… Read More ›

Yang’s Yummy Dumplings

Finally, over a period of a month or two, Barbara and I have consumed nearly all of the fifty delicious dumplings that we bought from Yang’s in Dorchester. Don’t worry: they came frozen, and are still frozen. At least the… Read More ›


Happy New Year! Barbara and I celebrated New Years Eve at the Ashmont Grill, as one does. We appreciated the fact that it was a quiet and understated affair, as you would expect under the current circumstances. Barbara started with… Read More ›

We miss Nanina’s!

When we moved to Dorchester in 1985, we started to frequent our local neighborhood restaurant, Nanina’s. The food was reliably good, and our favorite server soon knew us and knew what we wanted to order. Nineteen years later, in 2004,… Read More ›

Too indulgent!

At first I wasn’t going to blog about last night’s dinner, which was our third-ever visit to Brasserie: writing about two pricey restaurants in one week was just too indulgent. But then, when dessert arrived, I had to change my… Read More ›