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Barbara and I just got back from an excellent dinner at Gaslight. Barbara started with a huge shredded beet salad, which she enjoyed but she had to take home more than half of it. I started with the traditional French… Read More ›

New Years Eve at Ashmont Grill

Last night, Barbara and I had a wonderful New Years Eve dinner at our favorite local restaurant, the Ashmont Grill, assisted by our favorite server, Michaela Collins. The food was especially scrumptious; the service was superbly attentive (without hovering), as always;… Read More ›

Thank you, Mr. Wegman.

Barbara and I had an excellent dinner last night. We prepared all of it from ingredients bought earlier in the day at the Wegman’s in Chestnut Hill. Thank you, Mr. Wegman! Your sherry, lobster tails, stuffed mushrooms, green beans, and shiraz were all delicious…. Read More ›

The food never arrived!

Oh noes! I waited and waited…they even sent me a receipt by email…but the food never arrived! Then I realized that I hadn’t ordered delivery for lunch…and such an odd menu…maybe they confused Dorchester, MA, with its namesake, Dorchester, England…. Read More ›

224, etc.

Twenty-five years ago you could count the number of good restaurants in Dorchester  on the fingers of one hand (even if you had broken two fingers). Today it would take both hands and a foot…more likely two feet. The first… Read More ›

Sea Breeze revisited

Just over four years ago, I favorably reviewed the Sea Breeze Mexican Grill, which had just opened in our neighborhood. This restaurant chugged along for a while, being an adequate neighborhood restaurant but nothing special. My initial enthusiasm began to wane…. Read More ›

Mimi, Cole, & Abby

In early June, Barbara and I decided to celebrate our upcoming June 23 anniversary by having dinner at Abby Park, since Barbara’s friend Mimi McCaffrey would be performing with her band, The Blue Hotel. The dinner was surprisingly good (after three… Read More ›

88 Wharf revisited

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post in which I speculated about whether 88 Wharf was going out of business. I had liked this Milton restaurant a lot back in 2009–2011, but by 2012 it had gone downhill…. Read More ›