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The Crying Game

“If you reveal an ending that everybody already knows, does it still count as a spoiler?” There’s at least one flaw in this question: no matter what the movie, surely it can’t be true that “everybody” knows the ending, or… Read More ›

Who are the Sami?

Hands up if you know who the Sami are without looking it up! Hmm… only three of you. I could have asked whether you can figure out where the stunning movie Sami Blood was filmed, relying on the title alone. Again,… Read More ›

Barton Fink

The Coen brothers, I decided, deserved one more try. They do have a stellar reputation, after all. After disliking Fargo, Raising Arizona, and Blood Simple, I had almost given up on the Coens, but reviews convinced me to check out… Read More ›