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School Daze

Being forced out of one’s comfort zone is a good thing, right? So they say. But I’m not so sure. I just watched School Daze, a 1988 pseudo-comedy written, directed, and produced by Spike Lee, who also played one of the lead roles. It’s primarily about… Read More ›

The Ruling Class

Wow! What a great film! How did I miss The Ruling Class during all these years — it was released in 1972! — that was 44 years ago!!! — but I am so glad that I have finally watched it. This over-the-too… Read More ›

Finding Your Roots

My previous post was about routes; this one is about roots. It’s not clear to me why it has taken me until Season 3 to start watching “Finding Your Roots,” a well-known series on PBS hosted by Skip Gates. This… Read More ›


If you’re a film buff (as I am not), you will want to see Hitchcock/Truffaut, currently playing in Kendall Square, Cambridge. I went with a couple of friends who are film buffs, as I had assumed (correctly) that they would enjoy this documentary about the… Read More ›

0 for 3

“Sigh. I’m 0 for 3 in recent books and movies!” That’s what I said to myself after finishing a book that I had recently taken out of the library. What I meant was that I had disliked all three of… Read More ›

As Good as it Gets

So I managed to watch three quarters of As Good as it Gets before deciding it was time to make dinner and I wasn’t interested in finishing this 1997 movie. Despite an excellent performance (of course) from Jack Nicholson, it all just… Read More ›

Double Indemnity

No spoilers here. I finally saw Double Indemnity, which I should have seen long ago. If you haven’t seen it, do so. This 1944 noir classic is surprising and modern for its time period, although it will still feel outdated to anyone… Read More ›

The Party

Just watched an old Peter Sellers/Blake Edwards comedy, The Party. No, wait!…1968 can’t be old! It’s just…well…apparently it’s 45 years ago, so I guess it does qualify as an “old comedy.” Anyway, it’s very funny and really well done, though it certainly… Read More ›