Can you explain this puzzle, WGBH?

Can anybody explain this?

Barbara and I have been members of WGBH for decades now. For the past 36 years GBH has sent their monthly magazine to the correct address:

(As you see, I have redacted the street name to protect the innocent.)

This month we received two—count them, two—copies of the magazine, one with the correct address and one with the following mysterious one, again with the (correct) street name redacted:

Anyone have any hypothesis about what “waiter-sunset-laptop-domino” might mean? (Yes, I tried googling it, but no joy.) Is it a mysterious mnemonic for WSLD, which turns out to be a station in Whitewater, Wisconsin? And about why my first name is abbreviated? (Not that that one matters; I’m just curious.) And about why I am getting two magazines? Note that the weird one has an earlier expiration date.

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