Month: July 2022

Another Jersey Girl Mystery

Five days ago I wrote a brief review of E.J. Copperman’s third mystery novel in his Jersey Girl series. I pointed out that I had inadvertently skipped the second novel in the series, Judgment at Santa Monica. I commented that it… Read More ›

Books with linguists

Read that title again: it’s books with linguists, not books for linguists. This thought came from a post on Language Log, in which Barbara Phillips Long asks whether “there are books with linguists as major characters.” Commenters came to the rescue, with… Read More ›

Too hot to cook!

Yes, I know. Going out to eat twice in one week is decadent. But it’s just so hot. Definitely too hot to cook. So we went to our usual favorite, the Ashmont Grill. Barbara started with what used to be… Read More ›

A European view on languages

Seven Languages in Seven Days! That sure sounds familiar. Four years ago I taught a four-day course that was somewhat misleadingly called Five Languages in Five Days (check out the link), so my eye was certainly caught by a description… Read More ›


Too hot to cook last night! So we just had to go out to eat at Tavolo. It was quite a sacrifice, but someone had to do it. Unfortunately, they were understaffed. Poor Chris was the only server! But he… Read More ›