Miriam and Alan explore Scotland.

Which two actors are these?

Yes, Alan is Alan Cumming, as you suspected. And Miriam is Miriam Margolyes, who has appeared in dozens of films but is best known (in certain circles) as Professor Sprout in several of the Harry Potter movies. In this engaging and charming PBS series, the two of them travel through Scotland in a camper to learn about their roots, travel through the scenery, and entertain their audience.

You will indeed be entertained.

And if, like me, you’ve never had the pleasure of traveling in Scotland, you will get a glimpse at why so many people love doing that. Mostly, you will enjoy the banter between the two hosts and their conversations with the locals.

Alan is pretty much what you expect a Scot to be like—except that he is openly gay, which probably doesn’t fit the image. Miriam busts the stereotypes in more ways that that: yes, she too is openly gay, and she is a political activist, but most surprisingly is that she is Jewish (as you can guess from her last name). Of course there are Jews in Scotland—especially ones who fled Europe during the Nazi period—but one doesn’t run into very many, at least on this side of the pond. Just three over the course of many years, in my case. On this trip she even got to have kosher haggis for the first time! And she enjoyed it. Find the series and watch it!

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