Can you pronounce dBar as one syllable?

Barbara and I had a lovely dinner at dBar, outside on their beautiful patio…but we forgot to take pictures! ☹️

I suppose that means it didn’t happen.

So we’ll settle for a photo from OpenTable.

Barbara started with a “jumbo shrimp cocktail”—where the adjective aptly applied to the size of the shrimp, not the size of the app: just three shrimp, but they were indeed jumbo, not to mention fresh and delicious. I started with a equally jumbo (and very lemony and also delicious) Caesar salad.

Then Barbara had a burger and fries (too large to finish). I had the wonderful crispy skinned striped bass with corn gnocchi, green grapes, maitake mushrooms, herb-roasted eggplant, and lemon emulsion. Wow! What a combo!

Excellent wine and cocktail list. But we had no room for dessert, alas.

BTW, I think it’s two syllables.

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