Great fun! This is a truly enjoyable mystery novel!

I am not a big reader of cozies. But this is a worthwhile exception.

I’m talking about Witness for the Persecution, by E.J. Copperman. Or is it by Jeff Cohen? Anyway, yes, the word is persecution, not prosecution. You’re probably thinking of the famous play by Agatha Christie. This is different.

Well, the word is out. Although the two authors collaborated on several mysteries, it turns out that they’re the same person: E.J. Copperman is just a pseudonym for Jeff Cohen!

Anyway, I have really enjoyed his (their?) Asperger’s mysteries, as well as his (their?) Jersey Girl mysteries, of which this is the latest. It’s fun but not frivolous. Although the protagonist is from New Jersey—as you have guessed—it actually takes place in L.A., where she now lives.

Just as with the author’s Asperger’s mysteries, this book gets the technical details right, so you’ll get involved in the content as you go along for the ride. Unfortunately I have been reading out of order, because I hadn’t realized that this is #3 in the series. I read (and enjoyed) #1 last year—or maybe it was the year before, who knows these days?—so now I have just started #2. Not the best thing to read them in the wrong order, but mostly it’s because I already know the outcome of various situations that Copperman sets up in #2. Oh well, don’t do as I did: read them in order! (BTW, I don’t know why the publisher decided on the cute pun in the title. It’s really not appropriate for the story.)

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