Too hot to cook!

Yes, I know. Going out to eat twice in one week is decadent.

But it’s just so hot. Definitely too hot to cook.

So we went to our usual favorite, the Ashmont Grill. Barbara started with what used to be called Oysters Rockefeller, now renamed Oysters Bezos. Or is it Oysters Musk?

Just kidding. It still has the original name. And we got five oysters—count them, five. I say “we,” but Barbara grabbed all five for herself and says they were delicious. (Actually, I don’t like oysters. Mussels yes, but not oysters.) I started with the fried cod taco, which came with cilantro-honey slaw, chipotle aioli, and pico de gallo. Yum!

I had a standard entrée—a burger with Swiss cheese, cooked rare as ordered, with fries—but Barbara had an app and a side instead of an entrée: the always-excellent fried jumbo shrimp with spicy mango dip (she gave one to me) plus French green beans.

The air conditioning worked valiantly to combat the heat.

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