Too hot to cook last night! So we just had to go out to eat at Tavolo.

It was quite a sacrifice, but someone had to do it.

Unfortunately, they were understaffed. Poor Chris was the only server! But he did a great job, assisted by the hostess and by someone from the kitchen (the chef, perhaps?), both of whom cheerfully chipped in. There were a lot of customers! It was too hot to cook, after all.

We started with rosemary focaccia with chili flakes, parmesan, and evoo. Barbara also had roasted parmesan cauliflower, which she liked for some inexplicable reason, but fortunately she kept it two feet away from me. Then Barbara had lobster scampi with tomato, garlic butter, and house-made linguine. I was happy to help with that. I had the carbonara with house-made chitarra, pancetta, romano, egg, and parsley, which I hadn’t had there in a while. For dessert (taken home) we had the lemon tart with mascarpone whipped cream, and the flourless chocolate cake with mascarpone whipped cream. Everything was delicious!

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