Atrius/Harvard Vanguard acquired by a for-profit company

Not that I’m worried or anything…I’m sure that the quality of my health care will continue to be just as good, now that the non-profit medical practice I have used for half a century has been acquired by a for-profit company.

Oh no, of course I’m not worried. After all, the management at Harvard Vanguard/Atrius has assured us that there will be no diminution of the quality of health care. Optum/United Health will not bring about any changes. Sure.

I believe them implicitly.

Why would the quality of medical care be affected? Just because the profit motive has crept in?

No, I’m not worried at all. Note that I mean “health care,” not health insurance. I continue to have Medicare and Harvard Pilgrim for health insurance. I do keep my beloved primary care providers—the doctor and most importantly the physician assistant I see regularly. But how will they be affected? They have always given me all the time I need…but now, who knows?

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