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October is always a good month for traveling within New England, and this past weekend (a long weekend!) was no exception. Barbara agreed to a mini-vacation that focused on railroad museums in Connecticut, so off we went, intending to visit four… Read More ›

Peanut allergies

What can possibly be so controversial about peanut allergies? Plenty, apparently. According to an article in yesterday’s Jamaica Plain Patch, “peanut products are still served in many school cafeterias” and “almost half of children who have food allergies have been bullied.” This… Read More ›

Lobstah Bake at Ashmont Grill

Mmm…what a feast! Last night was the much-anticipated occasion for the Ashmont Grill’s annual Lobstah Bake, three hours of unlimited grilled lobsters, tuna ceviche, striped bass ceviche, mussels, potato salad, tomato salad, cheddar-and-scallion biscuits, fresh corn on the cob, wine,… Read More ›

Ruth's Chris

Barbara and I went to Ruth’s Chris last night — the first time for either of us at any Ruth’s Chris location. The positives outweighed the negatives, but… Here’s the scoop. By and large the food was excellent. We both… Read More ›


The late lamented CF Donovan’s, in the Savin Hill neighborhood of Dorchester, closed its doors for good just over three years ago. Barbara and I had always enjoyed eating there — not for its gourmet food, but for the standard… Read More ›

A bad sign

I fear that 88 Wharf, which I reviewed three years ago, is going downhill. The rumor is that it’s about to go out of business. I don’t know whether that is really true, but the subject line of their recent… Read More ›

Soup and suans

Changsho may or not be the best Chinese restaurant in Cambridge, but it definitely has the best hot-and-sour soup. Mary Chung may or may not be the best Chinese restaurant in Cambridge, but it definitely has the best suan la… Read More ›

Fox and Hound

Groupons, of course, are designed to have two principal advantages. The most obvious one is that they save you money. The other advantage is that they encourage you to try new places (surely the main reason businesses offer them). So… Read More ›

Ashmont Grill, yet again

OK, time to write about the Ashmont Grill for the nth time. For some reason, attendance at their Wine Club has been getting sparser and sparser each week. Actually, today was only the second time in several months that Barbara… Read More ›