Food & Restaurants

Takeout from The Bowery

The Bowery in Lower Mills has just reopened for takeout and delivery, so Barbara and I decided to try their new Sea Shanty offerings last night (no singing included): clam strips, excellent lobster rolls in a toasted bun with first-rate French… Read More ›

What an indulgence!

What an indulgence: two Dorchester restaurants two days in a row! It’s important to support your local small businesses during the stay-at-home orders, so Barbara and I decided to get takeout from Tavolo last night even though we had gotten… Read More ›

DJ’s European Market and Deli

Polish take-out yesterday afternoon from DJ’s European Market and Deli: lunch and partial dinner for Barbara, partial dinner for me. DJ’s is in the Polish Triangle, right on the Dorchester-Southie border. Courtesy of prompt delivery by GrubHub, we ordered stuffed cabbage… Read More ›

Tavolo again

Another take-out dinner from Tavolo last night, to aid our neighborhood friends in this time of social distancing: meatball appetizer, chitarra carbonara, chicken parm. All was delicious; we helped ourselves as we helped our friends!

Zia Gianna

Take-out lasagna portions from Zia Gianna last night: one slice of meat sauce with peas, one with spinach, gooey cheese with both of course. Warning: these are not only delicious but also huge! Barbara and I together ate less than… Read More ›

Dim sum at Chau Chow

During a brief break from her 14-hour stint as an election warden at the polls yesterday, Barbara and I had a delicious dim sum lunch at Chau Chow on Morrissey Boulevard in Dorchester. Since it’s a weekday, there were not… Read More ›


Barbara and I had a special dinner last night at Gaslight, a “classic French restaurant in the South End of Boston” in their own words. The first thing to say is that they have free parking in their own parking… Read More ›