Too few menus include lamb (except for Greek restaurants). Even fewer include duck (except for some Chinese restaurants). Fewer still include both lamb and duck, which are my two favorite meats.

First-world problem, I know.

But fortunately 224 Boston Street lists both lamb and duck on their menu!

This, however, leads to a dilemma: which to order?

Barbara and I had a delicious dinner last night at a surprisingly busy 224 Boston Street. Barbara started with oysters Rockefeller, followed by meatloaf with potato purée and black garlic mushroom purée. She reports that both the oysters and the meatloaf were excellent. I started with flavorful Chinese-style pork dumplings, followed by…wait for it…I decided on the duck! It was a special of duck breast (cooked medium rare, of course) accompanied by white garlic purée, lots of broccolini, onion and raisins, and agrodolce. Truly yummy!

And then we had to have dessert: a nut-free chocolate brownie with vanilla gelato, strawberries, and whipped cream. I asked to have the calories removed before serving.

Service was impeccable. All in all, an excellent Dorchester experience!

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