We miss Nanina’s!

When we moved to Dorchester in 1985, we started to frequent our local neighborhood restaurant, Nanina’s. The food was reliably good, and our favorite server soon knew us and knew what we wanted to order.

Nineteen years later, in 2004, they sadly lost their lease. Although there are plenty of good restaurants in our little corner of Dorchester these days, we miss Nanina’s, where everybody knew our name.

No, wait! That’s somewhere else.

Anyway, Dave Fillmore, who used to cook at Nanina’s for decades, now operates a home-based business together with his wife, Jen, featuring a small selection of Nanina’s favorites. So, last night we feasted on chicken escarole soup, eggplant parmigiana with ziti, and focaccia. We also bought a bottle of Nanina’s incomparable creamy Italian salad dressing (for later use). You too can order from Dave and Jen; just call them at 857-222-4348.

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