Revisiting Brasserie

In honor of Star Wars Day, Barbara and I returned to Brasserie for our third visit yesterday.

OK, I lied. It wasn’t really for Star Wars Day (but still: May the Fourth be with you). It was for another holiday altogether. But it really was our third visit to Brasserie—eight months after our second visit.

Why is the timing significant? Because our server, John, immediately recognized us when we walked in the door! Furthermore, he remembered what wine we had last time, that we live in Dorchester, and that our go-to restaurant is Ashmont Grill. That’s a special kind of service.

Everything was especially delicious; you can probably see that from my pictures below, even without tasting the food. And of course the service continued to be exemplary. For our first course, Barbara had eight perfect oysters and I had a beyond-excellent hiramasa sashimi, sliced very thin with cucumbers, pickled radish, bergamot orange, togarashi chili, and white soy. Yum!

As entreés, we each combined two small dishes. Barbara had salade du marché (gem lettuce, cucumber, tomato, microgreens) along with exceptional pommes frites. I had French onion soup and frisée Lyonnaise, which came with smoked bacon, duck confit, poached egg, mushrooms!!!

Jeff, the owner, came by during the meal, and he too recognized us!

But wait, there’s more. We finished with dark chocolate mousse, which was accompanied by crème chantilly, sliced strawberries, and shortbread cookies. I got one spoonful of the mousse. In honor of the occasion, Barbara had the rest.

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