Looking forward to a local cat café

What’s wrong with you, Boston? Tokyo has 100 cat cafés; Boston has zero!

But that may be changing—for the better, of course, since we couldn’t have fewer than zero.

Richard Auffrey, better known as The Passionate Foodie, recently wrote about our shocking lack of cat cafés and the proposed cat café that will soon open at 80 Charles Street, a two-minute walk from the Charles/MGH Red Line station (just off Mt. Vernon St. at the foot of Beacon Hill). You may recall that a different cat café briefly existed in Brighton; it limped along and then closed.

Barbara probably wants the gray one that is looking directly at the camera.

As Auffrey observes:

There’s no reason why, if it’s properly operated and regulated, such businesses shouldn’t exist. Dog lovers already have plenty of places for themselves, so it is time to give cat lovers a place of their own. Hygiene issues can be adequately handled, and the Japanese have shown how that is possible. Such cafes can be very therapeutic, as petting a purring cat can provide such joy and emotional support.

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