Too indulgent!

At first I wasn’t going to blog about last night’s dinner, which was our third-ever visit to Brasserie: writing about two pricey restaurants in one week was just too indulgent.

But then, when dessert arrived, I had to change my mind. Unfortunately I had already decided not to take photos, so you’re just left with a photo of…but stop! Let’s do this in order.

A huge crowd was out on the patio—some sort of dinner event, apparently. But we ate inside, being comfortable both with our own vaccinations and with the restaurant’s precautions. Service was prompt, attentive, and efficient. Barbara started with lobster sliders (on croissants, of course), followed by Black Angus New York strip steak (cooked exactly st ordered) with frites, champignons, and haricots verts. I started with bluefish pâté (yummy, but so rich that I had to take half of it home), followed by excellent duck à l’orange with wild rice and remarkably good shredded snap peas.

That should have been all, but we couldn’t resist the dark chocolate mousse with crème Chantilly and a fresh strawberry in a homemade waffle cone—first rate! See the image!

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