Men of Boston Cook for Women’s Health

Every year—well, not last year, for obvious reasons—the Codman Square Health Center in the center of Dorchester hosts a fundraiser called Men of Boston Cook for Women’s Health. Barbara and I have attended almost every year from 1996 through 2017, except for a couple of years when we had scheduling conflicts.

This year it was held yesterday. It was virtual, of course. In past years the Health Center erected a huge tent filled with stations offering delicious food from restaurants all over Boston, ostensibly prepared by men who were either celebrities or at least well-known in their fields. (I say “ostensibly” because often they were merely reheating and serving, but that’s okay too.) This year it was not just the speeches and music that had to be virtual, the food had to be as well. So how do you do that? You offer delivery from Above and Beyond Catering, that’s how.

As you see from the menu here, we started with a creative pear and baby spinach salad; I enjoyed the omission of pecans, as requested, and Barbara enjoyed the lack of omission, as requested.

Then came the entrée: grilled peppercorn-encrusted tenderloin accompanied by grilled asparagus and a purée of celery root and potato. See the photo.

Everything had to be reheated, of course. But fortunately William and Flicka were there to help out by actively supervising:

Finally, the dessert: a warm blueberry crisp tart (warm after reheating, of course).

Everything was delicious. The beef was rare as requested, the asparagus managed not to be overcooked despite reheating, the purée was much more interesting than plain mashed potatoes, the dessert was fruity and so rich that I couldn’t finish it. Above and Beyond Catering deserve a hearty shoutout! And it was all for a very good cause.

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