Outdoor dining at 224 Boston Street

Yesterday evening Barbara and I had a delicious dinner at 224 Boston Street. They’ve set up half a dozen very sturdy wooden booths on the sidewalk, all nicely separately and totally different from the flimsy, temporary feel you get at outdoors certain other restaurants.

Barbara had oysters Rockefeller; burrata with basil pesto, red pepper jelly, blistered tomatoes, aged balsamic, and crostini; and marinated beet salad with arugula and honey mascarpone. I had tomato bisque with crème fraiche followed by a lamb steak (cooked medium rare as ordered) and “Greek fries,” which, as you might expect, turned out to be a huge helping of French fries with feta. Everything was excellent.

One thing we hadn’t counted on, since we haven’t eaten outdoors in about a month: sunset arrived in the middle of our dinner! The staff were prepared and brought around these tiny little lamps powered by rechargeable batteries [see image]. They didn’t look large enough to shed much light, but they turned out to be effective, not just cute.

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