A Meh Landmark

After a couple of friends had enthusiastically recommended the pizza at the Landmark Public House in Adams Village, a.k.a. Adams Corner, Barbara and I decided to try it.

We lucked into an open parking space right on Minot St. at the corner of Adams St., which seemed like a good omen. Our table even looked out directly onto our car—another good omen.

For a starter, we chose the chicken wings tossed in teriyaki sauce. They were excellent (though we had to ask for paper napkins!): juicy, tangy, tasty, and not overcooked. So far, so good.

Then came a perky MC handing out musical bingo cards. Not my style, but OK… You can look at the image and count how many of the songs you know. As I knew only three of the 24, there was no point in my trying to play. Oh, well. And the music was too loud.

After the wings it was pizza time. Barbara had mushrooms and sausage, I had mushrooms and onions. The pizzas were OK—nothing wrong with them, but nothing to write home about.

So we’re not sure why our friends were so enthusiastic. Clearly if we’re going to go to Adams Village—or Adams Corner, as the case may be—we should just go across the street to Molinari’s. I’ll let you know.

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