Brasserie: An old but new restaurant in the South End

It rises again like the phoenix!

As you know, the sad fact is that many restaurants have been forced to close permanently during the pandemic. But we were delighted to learn that one of our favorites, Gaslight Brasserie du Coin, commonly known simply as Gaslight, has just been miraculously reincarnated under the ownership of one of its former people—with the name shortened to Brasserie. And there still is free parking, another miracle in the South End!

Barbara and I had an amazing dinner there last night. Description and photos at the end of this post.

But here’s a strange detail. There is a funny mistake in the online version of the menu:

This has been fixed in the printed version (mistake ➞ maitake). But the reason it’s strange is that it’s far easier to fix an online menu than a printed one, so why is it that the printed one is the one that has been corrected? Inquiring minds want to know.

Anyhow, you’re dying to learn what we ate. Barbara started with a yummy Maine lobster croissant—basically a lobster roll on a fresh, flaky croissant instead of the traditional hot dog roll, along with homemade cole slaw. I started with a frisée salad (if I can persuade autocorrect to stop changing “frisée” into “frisbee”), which was topped with a rich combination of smoked bacon, poached egg, mushrooms, and a bit of duck confit. Second course for Barbara was moules frites, which means “mussels with french fries,” not “fried mussels” as it appears to us anglophones. Second course for me was duck à l’orange, which came with lentils du Puy (the best kind of lentils), a bit of pancetta, sugar snap pea salad, and sherry vinaigrette instead of walnut vinaigrette—offered without my even having to ask, since the server had noticed from my Open Table reservation that I am allergic to tree nuts.

Delicious food, truly French, with impeccable service—what more could one ask?

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