Kids can’t concentrate? Don’t believe it!

Most exciting event of the week: I’ve been sitting here proctoring MCAS for the past two and a half hours.

Actually, it isn’t exciting (surprise, surprise). But I’ve gotten quite a lot of work done. I don’t think I’m allowed to quote any specific questions on this tenth-grade math non-calculator session, but I can definitely make one observation: adults who say, “Kids today just can’t concentrate; they all have short attention spans,” should observe these students’ work on their MCAS. I have been proctoring a group of 21 sophomores. After 60 minutes they were allowed to leave; three did so. Now, after 150 minutes, six of the original 21 are still working. They’ve been focused and attentive the whole time — and on a math test no less! Who says that kids today just can’t concentrate?

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