Such a well-qualified ambassador

It’s nice to know that our president appoints such well-informed ambassadors, isn’t it? Here is an excerpt from a CBC interview with our new ambassador to Canada, David Wilkins:

Q: Have you ever been to Canada before?

A: Ah, many years ago when I was in the Army stationed in Indiana my wife and I visited Canada.

Q: Oh yes, where did you go?

A: Eh, it was, uh, around the uh, the falls area, Niagara Falls, back up in there round uh that area as well as uh going I guess back toward, back West toward, toward Indiana, well obviously above Indiana but I’d have to get out a map to tell you all, it’s been thirty-something years now since we were there but we enjoyed our visit and we cannot wait to get back.

I heard some of this yesterday on NPR’s “Wait, wait…don’t tell me!” For more info, see Voice in the Wilderness.

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