Unitarians and Catholics

From the continuing saga of the Library Committee of the Dorchester Historical Society:

I come across an issue of the First Parish Church newsletter from 1956. One page includes an annotated reproduction of an ad that the Catholic Church had placed in the Boston Herald — annotations by the Unitarians, of course. The original ad contained seven photos, with these captions:

  • We browsed around.
  • I was impressed by Father Colleary.
  • I studied the catechism.
  • I prayed for guidance.
  • I made my first confession.
  • I received my first Communion.
  • And now we’ve found happiness in unity of faith.

The main annotation says, “Some Unitarians think there would be more than mild objection were this same kind of publicity published by us.” The seventh photo, which shows a couple walking away along Beacon hill, is annotated “The Path to Freedom,” with the observation that the building they are heading toward is the American Unitarian Assocation (now, of course, the Unitarian Universalist Association, still at 25 Beacon Street).

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