Principal search

We’re looking for a new principal, as our previous one moved to Georgia over the summer to become an Assistant Superintendent in the Cobb County district. This year we have an interim principal at Weston, as we search for a permanent one. Today our Superintendent met with faculty and students to present some details of the search process: timetable, committee structure, and interview plans. Students will definitely have a voice in the process.

In the meantime, if you’re a student of mine and have strong views (or even moderate views) about the characteristics and attitudes that we should be looking for in a principal, why don’t you become a guest blogger here at Learning Strategies? Just email your post to me, and tell me whether you wish to be anonymous or to be named as the author. You can’t have a voice in deciding the next justice on the Supreme Court, but you can definitely have a voice in deciding the next principal of your high school.

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