How people get to this page

It’s a bit puzzling to see how various readers found their way to this blog. Looking at the referrers, I wonder at some of the searches. Here are a few examples:

  • Google: rachel, bartlett, chicago  
  • Google: venn, diagram, about, bubonic, plague
  • Yahoo: what, are, the, numbers, the, 100th, row, pascal, triangle
  • Google: strategies, and, latetoclass
  • MSN Search: strategies, that, close, the, gap, larry, bell
  • Google: internet, safety, high, school, students, xanga
  • Google: use, vectors, with, numb3rs
  • Google: writiing, paragraph, spatial, order  
  • Google: faculty, overheard, students, hack, hacking
  • Google: weston, physics, amherst
  • MSN Search: motivating, students, who, dont, care, allen, meddler
  • Google: puzzle, for, high, intelligence, find, the, probability
  • Google: give, some, detail, this, topic, faith, achivement, health, administration
  • Google: lincolnsudbury, history, department
  • Google: probability, problem, how, many, combinations, letters, and, numbers, license, plates, from, 1986, 2005
  • Yahoo: what, are, the, teachers, strategies, starting, and, finishing, lessons
  • MSN Search: complaints, about, teacher, ego, getting, the, ways, the, learning, experience
  • MSN Search: left, brain, right, brain, and, learning, african, american, males
  • MSN Search: asian, students, learning, strategies
  • MSN Search: math, strategies, boost, cats, scores
  • MSN Search: larry, davidson, nine, essential, component
  • Yahoo: how, can, find, angles, degrees, without, tools, math, oswego, for, grade
  • Google: get, the, barriers, out, the, way, let, people, the, things, they
  • Yahoo: lake, wobegon, days, cryptography, affine

The ones that I don’t mention here were more obvious, but these searches sure are mystifying. How did they lead to this page? And what were some of these people trying to find? (I think the last two are my favorites.)

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