Vacationing in Lexington, Newton, and Quincy

If you’re not going anywhere for vacation, how about being a tourist at home? That’s what Barbara and I did this year as a consequence of having unfortunate summer calendars: we ended up having a total of one week’s vacation time, which would have been nine days if we include the weekends at each end, but was actually seven because Barbara had to work two of those days. For a variety of other reasons we also couldn’t even take the weekend at a B&B that we had wanted, so we decided to limit ourselves to local day trips, pretending we were out-of-town tourists in the Boston area for a brief visit. So we went to the Museum of Fine Arts [see my post of August 21] and various other museums, historical sites, and the like.

The highlights included the National Heritage Museum in Lexington, the Newton Historical Society, the Quincy Historical Society, and the Adams National Historical Park. All were worth it in their own way, and I got a number of ideas for our own Dorchester Historical Society. I felt like a Manhattanite who has never seen the Statue of Liberty, since this was my first visit to the Adams National Park despite having lived in the Boston area for the past 41 years.

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