Former students

Now that I’ve been teaching in Weston for almost ten years, I seem to be running into a surprising number of former students of mine (from Lincoln-Sudbury, but now through other connections). Weston isn’t exactly far from either Lincoln or Sudbury, so maybe it isn’t so surprising. And only some of these are Weston connections anyway; others I hear on the radio or see on stage.

Most prominent — at least in certain circles — are John Flansburgh and John Linnell, a.k.a. They Might Be Giants. From this band we can go in either of two ways: to another performing artist, the comedian Paula Poundstone, or to John Flansburgh’s brother, Sky, who I think holds the record for having taken the largest number of courses from me. (That was before he changed his name to Paxus Calta.)

You may be noticing that all four former students whom I’ve named so far are rather … shall we say? … counter-culture. But if you know Lincoln-Sudbury from the ’70s, you’re not surprised.

Rather different are the former L-S students who are now parents of students of mine at Weston: Meg Cowe, John Batter, and Wendy Spector. (There are more L-S alumni among parents of my Weston students, but those three were actually my students.) All three occupy prominent positions within the town of Weston. Coincidence? I think not.

Let me know if I’ve inadvertently left anyone out.

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