How about an Obama/Bloomberg ticket?

Now that Obama is starting to catch up with Clinton in the national polls, and now that Edwards has dropped out, some people are starting to talk about the possibility of an Obama-Edwards ticket. While that would have a certain appeal, I’m surprised that I haven’t heard any mention yet of the idea of an Obama-Bloomberg ticket.

So what’s wrong with Obama-Edwards? Personally, I think Edwards is great, but the combo would be deficient is several ways. Both of them are lawyers, both are one-term senators (well, technically, Edwards is a former senator, but still), neither has much executive experience.

The Obama-Bloomberg combination would add executive experience, business experience, a lot of money, and the totally cool idea of a ticket consisting of a black candidate and a Jewish candidate. Yes, some people would be prejudiced against this pairing, but wouldn’t such people refuse to vote for Obama anyway? And besides, Bloomberg would add the diversity of an Easterner who was a life-long Democrat, ran successfully for Mayor of New York as a Republican, and is now an Independent. Furthermore, Bloomberg is from Medford!

It’s not that I’m actually advocating such a ticket, but I wonder that no one seems to be considering it.

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