Sex vs. math

The anonymous Minnesota math teacher who blogs under the name “3σ→Left” sarcastically calls it “surprising news,” but how will this news item affect teens who are considering majoring in math? Now we know why so many of those teenagers who devote extra time to math are really planning to become doctors rather than mathematicians:

Students studying medicine are among those who have the most sexual partners compared to mathematicians who had the fewest.

The results also revealed a range of activity according to subject choices. Almost half of all mathematicians have never had sex, whereas the average medic has had at least eight sexual partners. Cambridge University Students Union President Mark Fletcher seemed unsurprised by the findings. He said: “It’s obvious that the mathematicians haven’t found the winning formula yet. But it’s good to see that Doctors and Nurses is still a popular game.”

3σ→Left is quoting from the Daily Mail here. So probably these findings apply only to the UK, not to the US. Our teens can continue planning to become mathematicians. You think?

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