JP Seafood

Last night Barbara and I ate at JP Seafood, one of our favorite restaurants for times when she works late in Jamaica Plain. (You’ll note that I’ve included the Dorchester label for this post, even though Jamaica Plain is not exactly Dorchester. But it’s a close enough jaunt so that Dot people should consider it.) My theory is that the name of this restaurant is a clever pun, since JP not only stands for Jamaica Plain but is also the country code for Japan in URLs. The lack of periods after the J and the P supports my theory, though the website has neglected to provide any evidence that I’m right.

Anyway, you’re wondering what this restaurant is like, and why Barbara and I keep returning to it. You’ve probably figured out from my theory that the place must serve Japanese seafood, and that is indeed its focus. There’s also some Korean food (as is typical in many Japanese restaurants) and some non-seafood-based Japanese food. And, oddly enough, there’s fish-and-chips as well. The sushi is great, as is the ok-dol bibimbop, so I usually tend to order a sushi appetizer followed by beef ok-dol bibimbop. Side salads of beansprouts and seaweed are both terrific. But last night I went for a delicious special of sauteed striped bass (actually “stripped bass” on the menu), which came with miso soup, spinach salad, beansprout salad, mushrooms, and rice. I also had to steal one of the yummy don shumai that Barbara had ordered, as well as a piece of her scallion pancake with squid and surimi.

Service is always excellent, and prices are amazingly reasonable. Even if you don’t happen to live or work in JP, it’s worth going to JP Seafood — especially if you’re tired of the six good restaurants in Dorchester.

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