Roche Bros. soft-shells better than Legal Seafood's!

Which is a better place to buy soft-shell crabs, the Legal Seafoods fish market at Chestnut Hill or the Roche Bros. supermarket in West Roxbury? The obvious answer is Legal, of course. Everyone knows that fish markets are better than supermarkets, and Legal is well-known for selling impeccably fresh fish (not to mention fresh ads). But the Conventional Wisdom is apparently wrong. I’ve bought soft-shell crabs three times in the past month — once at Legal and twice at Roche Bros. — and the verdict is clear. The Roche Bros. product (at three dollars per crab) was tastier, fresher-tasting, and plumper than the Legal product (at six dollars per crab, though for slightly larger ones, I must admit).

On a slightly different matter, it’s unfortunate that the Shaw’s and Stop & Shop markets in Dorchester can’t provide food and service of the quality provided by the West Roxbury Roche Bros., where the food is always good and the employees are both well-trained and friendly.

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