Get over It

What do you do on a snow day? Watch a movie, of course. Get over It had been on my shelf for awhile, since I had ordered it from Netflix shortly after seeing Midsummer Night’s Dream at Weston High School back in November. Time to watch it and then return it to Netflix, right?

It’s no surprise that this is not a very good movie, though that probably makes it appropriate for a snow day. I can recommend it only to those who have recently seen Midsummer Night’s Dream and/or some other high school theatrical production. Get over It is a light, frothy teen comedy about a high school that is putting on an adaption of Midsummer Night’s Dream, turned into a musical with the addition of a dozen songs written by the director, who is not only a drama teacher but also the head of the Fine Arts Department. (At Weston the director is in the English Department. I don’t know if that’s significant or not.) The twist is that these high-school students are also living through a plot that’s vaguely reminiscent of Midsummer Night’s Dream — appropriate enough since Shakespeare’s own plot involved a group of actors who performed a play within the play. The movie is fun but weak. Here’s an unedited comment from a British teen:

To be short — I am exactly the audience that this film is aimed at (daft teenaged girl) and I found it pretty pitiful.

One of the things that really annoyed me though is that I love A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and I HATED that they tried to ignore huge parts of that story to fit in with their own parody of it. Kelly fancies Berke, who’s in love with his ex Allison still, and she’s now going out with Striker. They all get cast in AMND, and for some insane reason they cast Striker as Demetrius and Berke as Lysander. Lysander and Demetrius are both in love with Hermia (Allison) while Helena loves Demetrius from afar, and Hermia only loves Lysander. So why the hell did they make Berke Lysander when they’d set up the whole story for him to end up with Kelly?! Surely starting out with both Striker and Berke in love with Allison, but Allison running off with Striker is a PERFECT set up for both Lysander and Demetrius being in love with Hermia, but Hermia being forced to marry Demetrius by her father?!?!?! In the end, Berke ends up with Kelly just as Demetrius ends up with Helena. So why the hell was Berke playing Lysander?!?!? (and don’t even get me started on ignoring the other plots — Oberon and Titania, and the play of Bottom and his friends)

It just makes no sense. The actual story is okay, but there’s so little point to the shakespeare sub plot.


Some of the acting, at least, is pretty good. In particular, Kirsten Dunst presented a convincing Kelly/Helena. The casting, however, turned out to be confusing from a Weston point of view, though of course that’s nobody’s fault. It was hard for me to remember that it was Dunst who was playing Helena and Melissa Sagemiller who was playing Hermia: Sagemiller looks more like Katherine Donahue, who played Helena at Weston, and Dunst looks more like Anna Been, who played Hermia at Weston, so that’s how I think of the two roles now.

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