Trophy Wives Don't Need Advanced Physics

This is an unsolicited recommendation for the new book published by my colleague, Boris Korsunsky, Trophy Wives Don’t Need Advanced Physics: Dubious Words of Wisdom From Physics Students. Just now I almost said, “written by my colleague…,” but that would have been inaccurate. Perhaps “collected by…” would be best, as this book consists almost entirely of genuine quotations from Dr. Korsunsky’s students. Their unintentionally funny gems appeared on homework, tests, and so forth — and were then preserved for eternity by their teacher. The collection is illustrated effectively in the form of cartoons by another one of my colleagues, Alejandro Yegros.

Unfortunately, all the authors’ names have been removed to protect the innocent guilty, probably because Dr. Korsunsky’s lawyers have advised him that anonymity is the way to go. You’ll see why if you read through the generous collection of sample quotations provided on the About page of the book’s website. You’ll also see on that page that there is no need for you to know physics in order to enjoy 50.9% of the quotations. So go ahead and read them — and remember, You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

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