Finally, The Lion King

Somehow this post got delayed from earlier in the year. Oh, well…hakuna matata.

Anyway, earlier in this calendar year — but it was last academic year — two of my Weston sophomores were aghast to hear that I had never seen The Lion King. After a great deal of persuasion, both from them and from my niece, I agreed to see it. One of my Weston colleagues had warned me that it was offensive and patriarchal, so I was wary. Also, I’m not into Disney films.

My verdict: I definitely enjoyed it — though not with anything like my students’ level of enthusiasm — and I didn’t find it the least patriarchal or offensive. Mostly I found it folkloric, and of course there are patriarchal elements involved in folklore. I liked the animation and the wit. The songs weren’t bad. Although I’m still puzzled why my niece named her cat Zazu, I found the various animals cute and/or captivating, and the actors were effective in reading their voices. All in all, it will never be one of my favorite movies, but I’m definitely glad that I saw it. I wouldn’t want to draw any conclusions about Weston students or teachers from my tiny sample on this matter.

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