Sixteenth in the state

No, Weston teachers do not have the highest salaries in the state. According to today’s Boston Globe, Weston ranks only 16th in the state in average teacher salaries! At $73,338, we can be compared to a high of $79,444 (Old Colony), though we’re still well above the state median of $61,800. If you look at the alphabetical district-by-district listings, you can compare us to five of our immediately neighboring communities, and we’re higher than any of them:

Weston $73,338
Wayland $73,015
Wellesley $71,128
Newton $70,961
Lincoln $69,778
Waltham $65,017

The real problem is that statistics can be so misleading. The really relevant criterion is the salary scale, since these figures probably reflect more about the average age and teaching experience of the faculty than they tell you about the minimum or maximum salaries in any particular district.

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