224 Boston St. restaurant

Barbara and I used to go to 224 a lot, but we haven’t been there very often in recent years. This is partly because of a couple of meals that were only OK (but overpriced), and partly because Ashmont Grill and 88 Wharf are not only closer to us but also more attractive for various reasons. But things may change.

We’re happy to tell you that we just had an unquestionably excellent meal at 224. Barbara had a first-rate Caesar salad (not so easy to find as one might think) followed by crabmeat sliders, which she describes as delicious and perfectly prepared. I helped her with a few of her generous portion of French fries — crisp and thin the way they should be. But I think I had the better meal, if I do say so myself. I started with a lamb chop “appetizer,” which turned out to be an amazing trio of grilled rosemary-and-garlic-marinated baby lamb chops atop a combo of cipollini and balsamic-dressed greens. Then came the main course (fortunately a bit smaller than the appetizer): pan-roasted sea scallops with a coulis of corn, smoked applewood bacon, shallots, and basil, topped with micro arugula and plum tomato concassé. Without my specifying, the lamb chops turned out to be medium rare and the scallops slightly undercooked, just as they should be. Yum!

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