Lost in Lexicon

If you regularly see my Facebook status in your News Feed, you may have noticed that it said “I’m lost in Lexicon right now…” on October 17. This status confused some of my students. One of them asked, “How did you get lost in Lexington?” (Apparently he isn’t a very careful reader.) Another student asked me what it meant:

Lost in Lexicon is the title of a new book by Penny Noyce, a neighbor of yours from Weston,” I replied.

“Someone in Weston wrote a book????” was her astonished response.

I assured her that there are plenty of people in Weston who have written books.

Anyway, Lost in Lexicon: An adventure in words and numbers is indeed the title of a new book by Penny Noyce. It’s a work of fiction, somewhat in the spirit of The Phantom Toolbooth, aimed at readers in middle school (in my judgment). Of course the real reason I had to get a copy was not that the author lives in Weston (and is the mother of three of my former students), but that the focus of the book is words and numbers, as the subtitle shows. What could be a better combination?

If you know children of the appropriate age (or older, for that matter), suggest this book to them. It’s both fun and informative, and should enhance or kindle interest in both math and language.

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