Yankees’ fans in Weston

In my geometry class today, some students caught sight of a file on my computer named Weston+Yankees.pdf, so of course they wanted to know what it was. It turned out to be a Boston Globe article from six and a half years ago! Here are a few excerpts:

Mark Fishman of Weston is the picture of a happy, well-adjusted 9-year-old… Yet something has happened to Mark during the last two years, a strange and troubling transformation that is sweeping the elementary students of Weston like a bad case of head lice.

Mark and his classmates here are abandoning the Red Sox for the New York Yankees, shunning the Olde Towne Team in a show of rebellion that is upending this quiet community of top-notch public schools, giant homes guarded by sport utility vehicles, and rolling lawns dotted with swing sets.

Mark’s parents say that most of the boys in his class, about 50 children who will enter fourth grade at the Field School this fall, are now waving the pinstriped banner, tossing out their Pedro jerseys, and cheering for Derek Jeter.

Mark, eyeing the Yankees calendar and license plate on the wall, puts the figure closer to 65. The girls in his class, he sniffs, support the Red Sox.

Dr. Anita Bohensky, a New York child psychologist, said she was puzzled by the Weston children’s behavior and would need to interview them to render a proper analysis.

She speculated that the children might be exhibiting aspects of early adolescent rebellion or emulating an admired older peer who is a Yankees fan. She said it was unusual for 9-year-olds to rebel against their parents in this way.

I’m particularly amused by the implicit assumption that it’s necessary to interview a psychologist about this phenomenon.

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