Model railroad exhibit at the National Heritage Museum

Barbara and I just came back from a model railroad exhibit at the National Heritage Museum, sponsored by the HUB Division of the National Model Railroad Association. This was the same exhibit that I missed three years ago because of a snowstorm. Here’s what I wrote about missing it at that time:

Of course I could console myself by assuming that it probably wasn’t very good anyway. There’s at least some evidence to support this sour-grapes theory: as I reported last year, I was disappointed by their 2006 show in Marlborough. But my complaint about that one was that it was too commercial, and it seemed likely that one at the National Heritage Museum wouldn’t be. Oh, well.

Now, of course, you’re wondering whether it was commercial, and whether it was any good. The answers are that it definitely wasn’t at all commercial and that it was fairly good. Perhaps I’m being unfair here: it suffered from being too small and from being too crowded with small kids, but neither flaw was the fault of the Hub Division or of the museum. On the positive side, there was a nice variety of rolling stock and quite a bit of convincing scenery and structures. Here is an example:

I also liked the “new run-down industrial exhibit” and the baseball game:

But the best scenery was probably Sachem Gorge, which I had already seen a year ago and wrote about at that time:


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