Doodling in math class

And the award for coolest math video ever goes to…Vi Hart, for her Doodling in Math Class series.

These videos are “subversive,” as one of my colleagues (approvingly) labels them. The common theme appears to be that math classes in high school are boring, because they tend to focus on minute details rather than the big ideas of interesting mathematics. So how does the bored student react? By doodling, of course. But…as you watch the frenetically paced video, you realize that Hart is actually teaching the very mathematical concept that she pretends to be avoiding by doodling.

I’m not sure which one is my favorite. Perhaps it’s “Infinity Elephants,” which I’ll show to my precalculus class. Or perhaps “Binary Trees,” which would work both for that class and for Algebra II. Do check out all four, actually. And while you’re doing that, I’ll explore Hart’s three online publications, all of which look intriguing:

I’ll let you know about these after I’ve had a chance to explore them.

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