Lamb Jam

Mixed feelings about the American Lamb Jam held yesterday at the Charles Hotel:

On the one hand, the food was excellent and plentiful. Seventeen restaurants, mostly from the Boston area, provided a huge variety of lamb preparations and side dishes, all to be sampled in small portions. Also on the plus side was the company. Although Barbara was not interested, as she eats lamb only under duress, my friends Phil and Meredith accompanied me and we had a great time together.

On the other hand, there must have been 800 people there, so it was ridiculously crowded. Everyone was jammed into the Charles Ballroom, which made it almost painful to move around. Even worse, there were only five or six small tables (plus a couple of high stand-up tables), so there was no place comfortable where we could sit and enjoy the event. Fortunately I was able to approach one of the staff and explain that we needed chairs since Phil is elderly and Meredith is disabled; he quickly produced three extra chairs and we crowded around a table for four that already had three people sitting there. Then of course it was a continual up-and-down as we got small plates of food from various stations.

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