Lost in Lexicon, but not lost in Brookline

A terrific turnout last night at the Driscoll School in Brookline. More than half (!) of the fourth- and fifth-graders (and their parents) showed up for an evening event revolving around Penny Noyce’s Lost in Lexicon. My role was to be the Pi Man, representing the Village of Irrationality. Kids (and often their parents) would measure various circular bowls, dividing the circumference by the diameter in each case. This being Brookline, most of them already knew about pi and expected to get the “correct” value, so the activity tended to turn into the surprise they experienced when the average of their ratios for three different bowls turned out to be less precise than they had expected. One boy decided to measure the entire round table to get a better result. Everyone had a great time, being totally engaged in a variety of activities relating to math and language. What better combination could there be?

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