Sea Breeze Mexican Grill

Yay, a real restaurant has opened in my neighborhood! Until this point all we’ve had has been two pizza-and-sub places and a café. There are real restaurants one neighborhood over — take your pick of directions, a couple to the south, the west, and the north, and even more if you go two neighborhoods north or south— but not right where we live. The Sea Breeze Mexican Grill has changed all that. Barbara and I waited a couple of weeks for it to settle in, and then had dinner there last night, along with our friend Jane. On the whole it was definitely a positive experience. We will return.

After the obligatory chips and salsa that appeared immediately at our table, Barbara and Jane started with fresh guacamole, made right at our table with a mortar and pestle. They report that it was delicious. I wouldn’t know, since I can’t stand avocado. Then Barbara had mussels, which were unfortunately  unsuccessful, being small and overcooked. I had ceviche de camarones, which was served on small, crispy taco shells or something similar. It was excellent, though blander than I might have liked.

For our entrees, Barbara had quesadillas with mushrooms, Jane had an assortment of three different enchiladas, and I had Acapulco chimichangas with pork. All three were excellent, though not especially spicy. I think I’m detecting a theme here. Barbara also reports that her mango smoothie (smoothy?) was delicious.

The entire restaurant has only six tables, four for two customers and two for four. They do not yet have a take-out license, so several potential diners had to be turned away. (We got there at 6:30, which was early enough to be able to grab a table for four.) They also have not yet been able to acquire a license to serve alcohol, a deficiency that will surely limit their appeal and their profitability; I hope they manage to get it soon. Right now they’re open for three meals a day, seven days a week, presumably in an attempt to gain both customers and income, but they’re going to need to be able to serve at least wine and beer (and some people want margaritas for some reason). Service by the gracious co-owner was just fine, even though she and (presumably) her husband had to manage all by themselves until 7:30 since two other staff members had called in sick. (I don’t know whether they eventually showed up or whether it was a pair of substitutes who arrived.)

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