Dorchester/Roxbury/Mattapan Community Seder

Yesterday another successful Dorchester/Roxbury/Mattapan Community Seder was held at First Parish Church in Dorchester. There were only 40 attendees — half of last year’s number — probably because Passover managed to overlap with both Easter weekend and school vacation week this year. As always there was a great ecumenical spirit, even though there still wasn’t as much diversity as one had hoped for, especially given the inclusion of Roxbury and Mattapan in the title. A sprinkling of non-whites was better than nothing, but not enough to outweigh the sense that the participants were mostly Jewish or Unitarian (or members of otherwise Jewish or Unitarian families) — not that that’s particularly surprising, but it’s still disappointing. Children were everywhere; their presence was also not surprising, and it was certainly appropriate for a seder, even though the under-eight-year-old crowd was mildly disruptive from time to time (not often, just occasionally). Here are a few photos:

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